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Get inspiration from these six bedrooms and transform your space into a place of peaceful refuge. Bedrooms Decorating It wasn’t so long ago that the last room to be tackled in any interior makeover was the bedroom. Not so anymore. Check out six different bedrooms with six different styles. You

6 New Looks for spring Spring is an ideal time to freshen up the look of your home, and accessories are an easy, quick way to reinvent a space without making a big commitment. Incorporate one (or several) of these six hot decorating trends into your home with these great accessories. Filigree Inspir

Nanomaterials describe, in principle, materials of which a single unit is sized (in at least one dimension) between 1 and 1000 nanometers (10−9 meter) but is usually 1—100 nm (the usual definition of nanoscale). Nanomaterilas we can use in architecture are like a self cleaning glass , a high insulat

We can create dynamic living spaces with lighting systems in interiors as you can make a wall move with light effects. For sure none of you ask him/her self why is lighting important?! Until recently, when people considered lighting their thoughts turned to usual items: table lamps, a ceiling fixtur