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CTC introduce Employee of the Year  : Architect . Rana Hesham Kortam Architect graduate 2013 Cairo university AET Department worked as a field engineer for 1 year worked as an architect for 2 years in design department which control all the design process from design , construction , interior design

The One Room Challenge bloggers tackled some heavy-duty construction this week If you don’t have your hammer and toolbox out, you’re going to want to grab them after seeing what the bloggers conquered during week four of the One Room Challenge. They were all about do-it-yourself wainscot

This Might Be the Prettiest Office Ever discover with CTC When you step inside Too Faced’s Orange County office, it’s hard to believe the space used to be home to the DMV. Designed by the brand’s Chief Creative Officer and Founder, Jerrod Blandino, the 60,000-square-foot space is s

Breaking Up? This Modern Home For Divorced Couples Splits In Two discover it with CTC Well, this is depressing to think about. An Amsterdam-based design studio has created a floating home that separates into two spaces when its unhappy inhabitants break up. According to Dezeen, self-proclaimed PR an

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26 Unique Bathroom Ideas for our customers Functional doesn’t have to mean boring. These unusual bathrooms feature creative designs and memorable details. ANTIQUE CARVING “If you’re going to do color, why not go intense?” designer Erin Martin says of this swanky pool house ba

‫‬ انجازات زها حديد ١- تمتلك ثروة تقدر ب ٢١٥ مليون دولار ٢- صنفت كرابع اقوى امرأة في العالم عام ٢٠١٠ بتصنيف مجلة التايمز ٣- حصلت على جائزة بريتزكر في مجال التصميم المعماري والتي تعتبر في نفس قيمة جائزة نوبل ٤- اول امرأة عربية تحصل على هذه الجائزة الكبيرة ٥- هي اصغر من فاز بهذه الجائزة سناً ٦- حصلت ع

5 Different Types of Roofing Materials for Homes What probably started as the use of banana leaves and hay stacks to provide cover from the sun and rain, roofing has become one of the most important features of a house or a building. The roofing style depends on several factors such as architecture,

How to Design & Install A New Bathroom Some people view their bathrooms as a status symbol. It is an area of the home where opulence rules and the more money you lavish on it, the better the result. When relaxing in a room clad in fake (or real) marble, it is easy to imagine you are back in the

Garden bathroom Simple surfaces and natural materials lend a warm contemporary look to this 187-square-foot addition. A soak in this leafy, light-filled master bath makes you feel like you’re at a luxurious spa resort. Walls of glass open the bathtub corner to a private garden. Pretty Bathroom Stora