Type: Administrative Location: El Maadi – Cairo Area: 1620 m2 per floor Scope: Structural and design drawings Description: A 5 stories building with total floor area of 8100 m2, 1620 per floor. And a 5 meter diameter GRC dome on top. Using a luxurious classic elements in interior design, with

Type: administrative Location: Syria St. – El Mohandesseen Area: 580m2 per floor Scope: Decoration and interior design Description: A 3 stories headquarter with total area of 1740 m2, 580 m2 per floor with a huge smart system made by specialized engineers to make a high security system with fi

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Type: office building Location: Kattamya Area: 2972.5 m2 Scope: Concept and Design drawings Description : 8 stories office building with a structural glazing elevation equipped with all technology like fire fighting system and solar panels to generate electric energy . http://www.xyz.com Facebook Tw

Type: administrative Location: El Mohandesseen Scope: decorations and interior design with high security system with finger Print access control, self-locked doors, Camera Control CC.TV, and fire fighting system. http://www.xyz.com Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Email WhatsApp Yahoo Mai