Type: recreational Location: Hilton – Zamalek Area: 120 m2 Scope: Decoration and interior design Description: A 70 m2 Chinese restaurant with an outdoor area of 50 m2 area. Made with Natural Materials like bamboo wood , Marble and natural stones to assure a vernacular Design http://www.xyz.com

Type: Restaurant Location: October city Area: 150 m2 Scope: Design and interior design drawings Description: a luxury classic restaurant with an equipped kitchen to have the best service and fire fighting system . http://www.xyz.com Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Email WhatsApp Yahoo Ma

Type: theatre Location: Maadi Area: 800 m2 Scope: design and execution Description: one story large multipurpose hall with its structural system for political meetings and speeches equipped with lighting system, air conditioning system, sound system and speakers, plumbing system, and electric system