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This Insanely Extravagant Dorm Room Is Nicer Than Your Bedroom The average college freshman’s dorm room consists of a carpet of unwashed clothing, some empty ramen packets, and a few classic movie posters peeling off the wall. But when incoming freshmen Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman decided t

ATHLEEN HACKETT: Four school-age children live in this New York City apartment. Who would have thought?  They have wonderfully stylish parents, whose aesthetic is an ideal combination of assured and devil-may-care. They want their kids to live in a home that telegraphs what’s important to them

11 One Room Challenge Trends to Try At Home Including a happy color that might up its value. Every season, the founder of the One Room Challenge, Linda Weinstein, is left in awe of the bloggers who take on the task of making over a room in six short weeks — and the 10th season was no exception. In f

Think Green  green is color of nature that helps you to relax and be able to think and create.so we will see how to put the Green touch in your life . Sea Green and Chocolate Brown In this room we find all the colors of nature the light green of tree leaves and the brown of the tree trunk with the n

6 New Looks for spring Spring is an ideal time to freshen up the look of your home, and accessories are an easy, quick way to reinvent a space without making a big commitment. Incorporate one (or several) of these six hot decorating trends into your home with these great accessories. Filigree Inspir

First Meet the Man Generally men like dark bold colors which adapt with their tough personality , comfortable furniture not caring about the shape or colors , they don`t look for the details specially small details and that make them totally different from women taste so to make a home suitable for